It has been clear for a few years that that China has leapfrogged a long list of countries in the e-commerce sector. Many Chinese are justifiably proud that China has accomplished a lot, citing the fact that among the 10 most valuable e-commerce companies in the world, are Chinese companies. And with some justification, Chinese believe that China is where the most interesting actions are in e-commerce yet to happen.

Can China fuse the e-commerce success to other industries? On March 5, 2015, none other than Premier Li Keqiang himself, in the otherwise solemn occasion of the Third Session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress, proposed the very cutting-edge sounding “Internet+” concept; an action plan for the whole nation. People in the know have said there were even debates on whether the formal document should print "+" or "plus" as in “Internet+” or “Internet Plus”, since a punctuation has never appeared in a formal terminology proposed by the government. Premier Li listed "Internet+" action plans for promoting the combining of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing to boosting the quickened development of e-commerce, industrial Internet, and Internet finance, and Li encouraged Chinese businesses to bring innova-tion to the international market.

Now that the premier has evangelized the concept, many leading companies in China, including Hengtian's parent company In-sigma Technology (a public listed company), have proposed their "Internet+" strategies. The thinking process starts at the very phi-losophical level: Given a business, is it Internet+Me, or Me+Internet? And what is + anyway, is it "plus" the adjective, or "add" the verb? At Hengtian, just like our parent company, we see our role as helping various industries to “add the Internet”, in order to let innovation jolt the traditional way of doing business.

In 5 to 10 years, we may know whether today's discussions, de-bates, and actions taking place in China around "Internet+" will speak with results and make great contributions to the entire world.

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