Big data analytics have jumped to the top of the agenda of many corporate strategies. Recent technology developments like Hadoop and MapReduce have imbued the parallel processing in data analytics with an unlimited power of horizontal expansion.  In fact, companies that jump onto the big data bandwagon earlier don’t necessarily draw value from it.  While most companies have a well-established enterprise data model, many will need to re-think or develop a new data strategy in order to keep up with this new technological innovation. Developing a data strategy means companies need to clearly identify the business needs, choose the right data sets and build a governance model to collect, validate and mine the data to create smart value for its consumers.  This can be a daunting task for many organizations.

Companies who will be successful in the future will need to know how to embrace big data analytics.  IT transformation is not simply about adopting relevant technologies, but having the ability to enable self-servicing, accessible, real time / on-line analytics to large complex data sets.  How to establish a Data as a Service (DaaS) platform will be the key to the success of most corporate data policies. In this Newsletter, we discuss five session of DaaS, such as the Myths of Enterprise Data Strategy, Virtual Data Mart, Technology trend of DaaS topology, Trend of Business Intelligence Tool, 10 Reasons to Introduce a DaaS Layer Between Your Reporting Engines and Databases. We also introduce Zhaike, a software product developed by Hengtian, the product is a news aggregation and recommendation web site.

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