Against the backdrop of the "new retail" concept, product, place, and people, the three pillars of retail, have changed. The retail business chain has evolved from "product-place-people" to "people-product-place". People, that is, consumers are becoming the determining element in the era of new retail. Although the vision of this concept is promising, skyrocketing labor cost has become a major pain point holding back the retail industry. In order to provide consumers with better user experiences, retail companies are in urgent need of improving their overall operational efficiency with smarter and less labor intensive means brought by technology, as better user experience and higher operational efficiency complement each other. Hengtian deliver s integrated smart solutions for retailers and branded manufacturers to thrive in the new retail era. These solutions will allow enterprises to focus on their business innovation, user experience, and business models without worrying about technical details

New Retail Smart E-commerce Solution

Built on the e-commerce platform, Hengtian's new smart retail solution helps companies to instigate online and offline product and pricing systems, and allows physical and online stores to share members, so as to eliminate the differences in consumers' online and offline experiences and enable physical companies to quickly succeed in integrating commodities, memberships, and services required in the new retail era.

Smart Order Management

Hengtian’s smart order management layers allows customers to gather orders from all channels into one place and manage orders in accordance with the standardized processes of the enterprise including order in-take, pre-processing, tracking, and analysis in a visualized and traceable way. This solution is able to help enterprises improve the efficiency of operation and management in all aspects, and delivers data decisions in real time.

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Smart Payment Accounting Solution

By leveraging technology, Hengtian's smart financial payment accounting solution can help retail companies take care of the reconciliation of payments from different channels and methods automatically, in order to complete financial duties more efficiently. This solution not only reduces the company's chance of error in reconciliation and improves economic efficiency, but also helps corporate regulators to carry out management and control of corporate accounting, and allows financial details to be seen at a glance.

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Smart Logistics Solution

Hengtian delivers a smart logistics solution to help new retail enterprises build a smart same-city logistics system that allows automatic planning, memory, and navigation using technology. It is a smart full-cycle logistics solution that features delivery route planning, automatic identification of unnamed roads, real-time navigation during delivery, real-time monitoring of the entire process, analysis and optimization of delivery routes, and big data smart analysis. It is built on the automatic learning and optimization of the delivery route algorithm combining GIS, GPS, mobile Internet and other technologies.

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